Pixar’s Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 was an amazing sequel to the first Toy Story.

The thing that I remember most about it was that there was a man in a chicken suit who stole Woody! He then proceeded to wipe Andy’s name off of Woody’s boot! That was seriously rude of him!

So for this cross stitch, I stitched the bottom of Woody’s boot.

Here it is!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a good day!

Pixar’s Toy Story

I’ve finally gotten around to making an homage to the first Pixar movie ever to hit theaters, Toy Story!

The thing I’ve always associated this movie with, other than the remarkably memorable characters, is the scenery! Andy’s room was covered in cloud wallpaper, pizza planet was like a Chuck E. Cheese in space, and Sid’s room was remarkably creepy!

This is the cloud wallpaper that I modeled my cross stitch after!

Here is my cross stitch!

I really like how this one turned out!
I hope you enjoyed it!
Have a good day!

My Birthday!

My birthday was on the 10th of this month!

Here are some pictures of my plunders! Although I didn’t steal anything, I just wanted to speak a bit of pirate!

These are my presents from Chelsea, best roomie ever!

And these are my gifts from Aubrie! One of my best nursing friends ever! She MADE me the most delicious Butterbeer Sandwich Cookies and she got me a snitch bracelet!

My friends know me so well! With all of the Jaws, Harry Potter, and AVPM themed items, I was basking in the delight of the attention from my friends!

I spent the day hanging out around the house and going to see Super 8.

It was rather amazing! If you get the chance, go see it!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a good day!