As a side note, I’ve developed a fast, hard love for a website called Pinterest.

I was a bit skeptical at first because when you join the website, you really join a waitlist to join the website. I’m not a fan of waiting for things, so I signed up for the waitlist and put it out of my mind.

Today (about a week after I signed up) I received an e-mail from Pinterest inviting me to join. I signed up, not really sure what to expect, but I knew it couldn’t be too great.

Boy was I wrong! I’m very glad that my Aunt let me in on this little known website. It’s like the Narnia of websites. You don’t quite expect much out of it, then you join and wow! It’s simply fantastic. It’s a little place on the web where I can post and repin pictures that I enjoy and wish to share. It’s even organized! (Which is great, because I’m rather unorganized!)

Here is the link to my Pinterest,

I suggest you sign up if you enjoy it! I’m glad to say I was pleasantly surprised!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a good day!