Thanksgiving & Black Friday Haul

I didn’t think I could pull it off. I truly did not think I could however with the help of friends, I did!

I worked all summer to buy a surprise plane ticket! I had many mishaps but eventually I made it home and surprised both my mom and my dad!

My brother got me from the airport and went upstairs to get my mom up. We couldn’t just wake her up and say ‘Kim’s home!’ So J went upstairs and said “Hey, I’m home. You have to get up, somebody must have mistaken your truck for mine. Somebody messed it up.”

My mom came outside all ready to be upset and unhappy (AKA pissed) with J’s friends and I was just standing there on the porch.

Needless to say she was surprised! My dad was also surprised when I called him at work. He asked me where I was calling from and I said home. After asking that question a few times He asked “My home?” “Yes, your home.”

Both of them were very excited and happy to have me home regardless of the rather short notice!

I made my mom go to JoAnn’s on Black Friday! My godmother tagged along.

Here are some of my spoils!

I’d say it was a successful couple of days!