Unintended Hiatus

I’ve been gone for so long! I’m so very sorry! These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of CRAZY!

When I was in California I was lucky enough to share a Starkid experience with my friend C! I told her I bought general admission tickets when I really bought VIP tickets. I surprised her the day of the concert and told her about the VIP tickets. Needless to say, she was excited!

So here are some pictures! We had such a great time! I really can’t imagine not having spent this time with her. We used to just lay around on her bed or mine talking about everything, some days I really miss that. Most days I just miss having her within driving distance!

That’s us with all of the Starkids who were performing!

That’s me with Jim Povolo who is one of my favorite Starkids. Can you guess why? No, it’s not JSUT because he’s ridiculously attractive, it’s because he’s a tall guy! :) So what did we talk about? The fact that his ex-girlfriend from Montana had pet wolves. It’s a long story.

This picture is of me and Joey Richter. He’s such a nice guy!

That’s Joe Walker and myself! His outfit was HYSTERICAL. The whole concert had an archaeology vibe to it and he wore these super short khaki shorts!  Absolutely had me cracking up the whole time!

You can see Joe Walker’s shorts on the right!

Then I worked for a very long time (with some crafting!) Then it was time for a few days of birthday celebrations!

My birthday was this past Sunday June 10. I made a stop at the Starbucks in the morning and patiently waited for my aunt to text me the “all-clear.” My cousins are 6 and 9 years old right now and obsessed with surprising people on their birthdays!

I figured I’d play along and I played right into their hands. I thought that I would be working hard to act surprised by my cousins however I was completely floored by the fact that my mom and brother were sitting in the living room when I arrived!

We spent the past few days doing lots of things! We went out to eat, had fun with family, went to Holiday World, and I even made a stop at Trader Joe’s after I dropped my mom and brother off at the Louisville airport!

All in all, I was completely shocked and I had so much fun! It was a very good way to spend the past few days! Especially since the last two weeks I worked 81 hours! These upcoming 2 weeks I’ll be working 88 hours… Remind me not to overschedule myself again!

Don’t worry, amidst all of this crazy fun I have been crafting! I’ve been busy with yarn and floss (are you scared yet?) Within the next few weeks I’ll be trying to catch you guys up to speed on my crafting adventures!

Oh, Thank Cuteness!

I know I’ve been posting quite a bit however I couldn’t resist joining in on the OTC week that Quilt Dad blogged about. It’s being put on by Generation Q.

The premise is to post about what makes your world cute, and what makes my world cute is family!

My Evansville family consists of my Aunt, Uncle, and two younger cousins. I adore them and they make my life here in Evamsville so much better! Whether it’s running a 5k on Thanksgiving morning, babysitting, or having Sunday dinners with them, it makes my life that much sweeter here in the midwest.

Here’s my Aunt, cousin Walker and I at Thanksgiving run this year!


Here’s a picture I took of them last year for their holiday cards!

My immediate family also makes my life that much better! I miss them a whole bunch and can’t wait to see them! I thought I’d post some pictures of them when I was much younger, and one recent one of my brother!

That’s my Mom holding me!

That would be my father.

That’s me in the box and my brother, Joey, on top of it!

This is Joey nowadays! (The one on the right is our Mom’s cousin Challice!)

So that’s my cute family!

I hope you’ve enjoyed it and you go here to see what is cute in other bloggers lives!

Have a good day!

I hope you enjoyed this ‘cute’ post!

Happy Fall!

Fall might have technically started a couple of weeks ago, but I only got around to making a little stitch for myself today.

Fall break started today for me, and I’m definitely excited to have Monday and Tuesday off, with all that extra time to study I decided to take tonight off and make myself a pretty door decoration! I made up the leaf pattern and word stitching all from my mind, so I think it turned out pretty, but ya know, maybe that’s just MY brain talking!

I’ve already had a few compliments about this little guy from people who live on my floor!

So Happy Fall guys!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a wonderful day!

A Spider at Night Brings Joy and Delight… Or Terror.

The actual quote goes like this:

“A spider at night brings joy and delight:
A spider seen in the morning brings you a warning.”

-Ethiopian proverb

This quote is (unfortunately) relevant to my night. My friend Brenna and I stumbled upon this spider as we were walking back from the student center. I ran to get my camera to take some snapshots!

Brenna (pictured below) brave and returned with me to take pictures of the spider. She wasn’t afraid of it at all.

I, on the other hand, was terrified! Every time I had to get close to the spider, I made sure that Brenna stood as a shield in front of me. Yes, I am THAT lame.

I normally don’t post about any old spider I see, but THIS spider was awesome in a terrifying way. This spider had three strands hanging from a 15 foot tree. These three strands connected this web with this spider!

This web was six feet (guesstimating, it could be 7 or 5!) in diameter. Is that not crazy? So yes, I DID hide behind Brenna to snap these shots.

Here is that picture I mentioned with her in it.

Here is the same picture with the spider highlighted!

With my Super Spider Sleuthing Skills, I identified Aragog as being the ever terrifying and seemingly elusive Brown Recluse.

Isn’t he frightening?  I sure thought he was!

So I guess Aragog brought us delight somehow?

Hopefully I don’t see him or another spider in the morning! Eeep!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a wonderful SPIDER-FREE day! :)