From a Dark Desert Highway

The cool wind in her hair…

Okay, maybe the package I received in the mail did not come from a dark desert highway, but it did come from the West coast! Hell, it might have crossed a dark desert highway!

Ever heard of a blog called Annie’s Musings? I hadn’t before I received an incredibly special package in the mail from Annie herself! Annie was contacted by my mom who is an avid reader of Annie’s blog. My mom knows that being away from family is taxing, especially being away from my baby, Mojo.

Mojo is my two year old dusky headed conure and he’s a real piece of work! He’s got attitude and spunk! I like to refer to him as my little dork bird because he does a beak walk and snorts in my ear at the same time. He’s real special. He can say one word, ‘Sweet!’ it’s the only word he’s deemed worthy of learning!

I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful this postcard is or how wonderful I felt receiving it!

All I can really say is I am so blessed to have my mother who loves me and so blessed to have wonderful crafters in the world who care for other people (that’s you Annie!)

Thank you both!