Ice Cream Sundae Cap

Inspired by my mom’s odd interest in sock monkeys, I began to craft a cap for my mom for Christmas. I utilized my knowledge of the colors my mom likes and figure that pink, grey and white would be acceptable colors as opposed to traditional sock monkey brown, red and white.


I think it ended up pretty well! She looks like she likes it!

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2013 has now come to a close! It has been a year full of changes in my life. The majority have been for the better… The other changes that might not have been for the better, I simply can’t remember them! I’m thankful for 2013 and I’m edited to start 2014.

With graduation looming ever closer (May) and certain running races, knitting projects and other things I have planned for 2014 I think the word attainment is an excellent choice for word of the year.

Attainment (noun): the action or fact of achieving a goal toward which one has worked.

I plan to achieve multiple goals this year and I think the word attainment is the perfect word to describe what I want to work towards in 2014!

I’ve got to work both 12/31 and 1/1 however that isn’t going to stop me from coming up with a list of things I want to attain in 2014! I think I’ll post that some time in this first week of the year!

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I went home for a whirlwind of fish days this past week!

On the 22nd I flew out to sunny CA after virtually no sleep. The entire trip included a whole bunch of family time, friend time, pet loving time, knitting (not as much as I wished ;) and even some light shopping!

This girl got spoiled for Christmas! I got a small shopping trip in on the 26th that wasn’t on my dime! I also got an iPad mini which I have already downloaded the dreaded nursing course books and the highly anticipated “for-fun” books and the ever necessary knitting patterns. I found some SUPER cute running tank tops!


Here is some photographic evidence of the fun I had.


Kitty was a sleepy puppy!


The new dog likes to smooch…. on hair and slobber over EVERYTHING.


The whole family together!!! Minus me, but someone hasd to take the photo! :)


My mom and I. Somehow I managed to avoid pictures of me and dad or me and Joey!


The newest addition to the family hopes that y’all had a Merry (not slobbery) Christmas!

There are a few knitting posts coming up soon! :)

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And The Band Played On

I’ve got a finish! This is a preemie hat I cast on during the beginning of the movie “And the Band Played On.” I then finished the hat the very same day… My needles were on fire!!!

preemie hat

Beyond that, finals are over! I came out of finals week relatively unscathed… I made the Dean’s list… Honor roll for college kiddos ;)

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