From a Dark Desert Highway

The cool wind in her hair…

Okay, maybe the package I received in the mail did not come from a dark desert highway, but it did come from the West coast! Hell, it might have crossed a dark desert highway!

Ever heard of a blog called Annie’s Musings? I hadn’t before I received an incredibly special package in the mail from Annie herself! Annie was contacted by my mom who is an avid reader of Annie’s blog. My mom knows that being away from family is taxing, especially being away from my baby, Mojo.

Mojo is my two year old dusky headed conure and he’s a real piece of work! He’s got attitude and spunk! I like to refer to him as my little dork bird because he does a beak walk and snorts in my ear at the same time. He’s real special. He can say one word, ‘Sweet!’ it’s the only word he’s deemed worthy of learning!

I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful this postcard is or how wonderful I felt receiving it!

All I can really say is I am so blessed to have my mother who loves me and so blessed to have wonderful crafters in the world who care for other people (that’s you Annie!)

Thank you both!

Crafts on My Wall

It’s that time of year again. School has started up (as of last Wednesday!) and I’m busier than a bee!

If you remember in my last post, Craft Train Ahead!, I showed you some sneak peak images on what I’m posting today! Here are the results!

I might be more than a little biased but I LOVE my wall decorations! They were so fun to stitch up! Especially the Hakuna Matata embroidery! I love embroidery, it’s so relaxing!

So that’s what is currently adorning my cinderblock walls! I have two posts set and ready to go (holy smokes aren’t I good?) I do have to ration them though! Otherwise we’ll have a good and long dry spell of posts again. The next two posts will be about the end of my summer and some fall semester plans. After that I should have a couple of crafty posts ready to go for you guys!

I’m eager to get back to regularly blogging again, I’ve missed you guys very much!

Craft Train Ahead!


I know I’ve promised some craft filled posts lately and I’ve failed you all. Now, I have been crafting, A LITTLE, not as much as I wish I was. I’ve been a bit of a workaholic lately.

I have been crafting so much in the past two days! I’ve been petsitting at B’s house the past few days where I have unlimited access to a sewing machine and days off!!! I have a few dorm projects (not nearly as sexy as my past dorm projects) I’m working on.

Some sneak peak picture from the Geek Stitching Facebook page! That’s right! If you didn’t know, I made a Facebook page a few weeks ago so I can post photos of WIPs since I really like to post the finished project on Geek Stitching itself!

I’ve been doing some fun things like sewing and embroidering and singing!

I’ve been interspersing my craft time by taking the new addition to B’s family for runs!

Kiska is a siberian husky or malamute. Not quite sure because she came from an abused home. I do try to tire her out on our runs. It cracks me up that she’s a lean running machine and at the end of our run she’s the one dragging and I’m still going strong.

That’s the update for today! Sorry for being so sparse this summer! My name’s Kim and I’m a workaholic!

The Fairest of Them All

Tonight was a crafty night for myself and a good friend of mine, Aubrie.

We had ice cream, complaints, music, and plenty of thread and yarn!

Aubrie worked on a decorative fall yarn wreath while I worked on Christmas ornaments! I can’t show you any of  them due to the fact that they’ll make their debut once each one has been given to the recipient!

I did take a break after two or three ornaments to make this cute little stitch based off of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

I’m pretty big on being happy with yourself and really appreciating life, because it only happens once for us mere mortals. So I want everyone to know that you are beautiful, now go live your dang life!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a great day!