Time Out!

Time out from all of the crafting posts I’ve been putting up!

Let’s chat about nursing!

This semester has been very taxing on me. I don’t particularly like the field of OB. I think Cesarean sections and labor itself is awesome! I do not like the other parts though. I do not believe I am destined to be an OB nurse. Especially not postpartum *shudder* I do think I might belong  surgery, the Cesarean sections were really really cool!

(I won’t put the squicky details on here!)

Birth itself is pretty cool as well. Especially with the patients who have been pregnant a few times before. The babies just pop right out! However, it’s not something I want to do with the rest of my life!

Speaking of the rest of my life, I got a summer job at the hospital! Okay, so that’s not the rest of my life, but it is for the whole summer! Instead of going home for the summer, I’ll be living on campus at one of the fraternity houses and working as often as possible. It will definitely be an interesting summer. Staying here over summer will also lead to some boredom (no tv, etc) which I will turn into CRAFT TIME. And reading time, the for-fun books! :)

Don’t fret though! I will be going home for a couple of days (that’s right DAYS!) to see my little brother graduate (I should probably call him younger since he towers over me!)

You all will definitely get pics of the trip and what I do! I only have 5 days in California! Then I’m back on a plane and outta there! It’s going to be one heck of a summer!

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