Happy Easter!

I’m not big on celebrating Easter, however I do like enjoying time with my family.

Yesterday I went to my aunt’s house and colored Easter eggs with my cousins and my aunt.

Here are some of the results!

My Jurassic Park themed egg

My Hunger Games themed egg

My cousin M’s “tangerine” color

My cousin W’s blue color

While we were painting eggs my cousin M declared that he too wanted an Earth egg. My aunt and I were a bit confused until he pointed out one of W’s eggs. W had meant to make a blue egg with orange spots and had come up with an egg resembling a map!

Here’ M’s overall paint job

(His are the carton on top)

Here’s W’s overall paint job

(His are the top carton)

Here’ my aunt’s overall paint job

(Hers are the ones on top, mine are on bottom)