This Frakker’s Mine

Oh, Biil I’ll follow you to Earth!

I had a Battlestar Galactica craze since the beginning of the semester! The Re-Imagined Series was amazing and wonderful and I went through four seasons in 6-7 weeks. I’ve been wanting to do BSG embroidery ever since I started watching the show. So I used a decent amount of spring break to do so! I made this cylon embroidery.

I frakkin’ love it! It was so much fun to draw up the design for a cylon raider!

Yes, I am a total geek. I claim that title wholeheartedly. I’ll even admit, the ending of BSG made me tear up. I stitched this guy up while watching Caprica. (Newer show about the downfall of Caprica leading to BSG)

I recommend both shows. Watch BSG first though!

Embroidery – Uses

There are many things you can do with embroidery! I thought I’d share some great ideas I’ve employed and seen others use!

The pillow.

Show off your mad embroidering skillz by framing the finished work in a pillow! Functional, trendy, conversation starter! All you need is some fabric for the border, fabric for the back (can be the same fabric!), some kind of pillow stuffing (I use the cheap stuff from JoAnn’s althought I’ve seen more creative stuffing), and the use of a sewing machine!

The wall hanging.

I LOVE what Rachel from Spice N Stitches did with this vintage embroidery. She made a simple quilted wall hanging, not too big and not too small, the perfect wall accessory!


I love how cute and simple these coasters from Linaloo are! Such a wonderful and creative idea! I can’t wait to make my own some day! Just… a little geekier!

Those are some of the ideas I found you could do with embroidery! Have you done anything different? I’d love to hear about it!

Fandom in Stitches

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In my last post I told y’all I’d give you a little more detail about me becoming a designer.

I wasn’t surprised when I sat down at my computer one morning and found an email from Jen who is Head Honcho over at Fandom in Stitches. I figured that she would be emailing me in regards to The Hobbit embroidery I donated for TABABOM. Imagine my shock when I read through the email to find that Jen had emailed me to ask if I would become an embroidery designer for FiS.

Can you believe it? Me? A designer!

The first thing I did was call my mom and tell her about it! Then I sat about typing a reply email saying OF COURSE!

To be honest with you guys, I have NOT come down from the high of becoming a designer! All week I’ve been looking at things thinking, “That would be a great embroidery!” I’ve already designed a few more embroidery patterns that I’m testing out before sending off to her! Be ready for some Battlestar Galactica(my latest craze if y’all didn’t know!)

I found FiS many moons ago when I was barely starting out as a quilter. I had seen Jen’s Harry Potter patterns and I was amazed. At that point I hadn’t explored the options of fandom crafting. I was still crafting under the influence of applique fish!

Now that I’m a bit more experienced as a crafter, I can fully appreciate the awesome of so many free fandom patterns! I made a TARDIS pillow for a friend over winter break using an awesome pattern from FiS! I’m very excited and incredibly honored to be able to provide free fandom embroidery patterns! I’ve even come up with a list of some projects to start on by looking at the Requests page on the FiS website!

What about my list you say? Well, here it is, in it’s completely illegible form! I promise you guys, I know what it says!

Look forward to some incredibly geeky posts soon!