SO Chelsea and I went to the SPACE tour concert after visiting Cincinnati and here are the pictures I took from the concert.

For those of you who aren’t Starkid fans, I hope that you’ll watch this clip of their musical A Very Potter Sequel and I hope you enjoy it!

WARNING: Has cussing and some sexual content, but is still hysterical. Not entirely suitable for young eyes and ears!

So the tour itself was wonderful!

We drove 4ish hours out to Cincinnati, OH and then waited in line for about an hour to get into the venue, Bogart’s.

This is me and Chelsea inside :)

Look, here are some pictures of during the concert!

Charlene Kaye & the Bright Eyes opened and she was marvelous!

The Starkid came on… in helmets! :)

Then they sang and joked!

Dylan Saunders (below) recorded the whole audience sing Happy Birthday to his mom. It was so sweet!

I didn’t get any pictures of Jim and the Povolos singing however, here are some lovely Youtube videos. These songs are child safe in my opinion. No cussing or sexual references.

The Holiday Club

This is the Moment

Now for the pictures of me and the Starkids! Chelsea and I waited about an hour and a half in the cold for this! It was sooo worth it though, we got to meet some awesome down-to-earth people. :)

I met Jamie Lynn Beatty!

Lauren Lopez! (Who plays some of the funniest characters!)

I met Cool Clark. I told him he was hunky, I think he took it well.

I met Joey Richter who was walking around as his mustached persona Rick Richter. This is my favorite picture, he was so funny!

This is Meredith Stepien and she was absolutely the sweetest person ever.

This is Brian Holden!

Charlene Kaye.

This is Dylan Saunders and we had a really nice conversation. I can’t remember what about exactly, but I remember teling him I thought his voice was beautiful and we chatted. I really just remember thinking ‘He was so nice!’ This is my second favorite picture!

This is Chelsea (you’ve seen her before!) and Joe Walker. I was able to get a picture of them together! There was no picture for me, but I did get a hug, so it works out.

We then packed up into my car and drove the 4ish hours back to Evansville. We arrived in Evansville about 3:30 am.

I’m lucky enough that we’re on break so I didn’t have to get up early the morning after, but poor Chelsea had work at 8! I have no clue how she survived work, but she did!

So as you can see from this absurdly long post, we had a totally awesome time at SPACE tour :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and all of my pictures!

Have a totally awesome day!

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