In Evansville

I’m finally back in Evansville, and boy am I glad!

It’s been very nice to see my family out here as well as visit a few friends before school starts Wednesday!

For now, I’ll update you with the details of the road trip my mom and I took to get here!

We left California early in the morning on Wednesday… Early being 3 am! We arrived in Evansville at 5 in the afternoon on Thursday!

Here are a few photos of the trip! (None of me OR my mom though! How unfortunate!)

About the large beetle on my car… He landed there in Texas while we were at the gas station. My dad demanded to know his name (I have the habit of naming everything) and I promptly named it ‘Goodbye’ since it fell off while we drove away from the gas station!

So overall it was very fun (EXHAUSTING!) I’m glad my mom came with me and I’m glad that we arrived in Evansville safely! We had many exciting and fun moments, but I think my favorite is the one that my mom caught on camera as we pulled up the street to my Aunt’s house.

My cousins Walker and Mason were waiting outside with my Aunt Suzie when we pulled up! Everyone was very happy we arrived safely!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I should have one about my dorm room soon (like on Monday!)

Have a wonderful day!