It’s Raining Men!

I’ve made another quilt and this one is for me! I was at the Quilter’s Cocoon recently and found 12 fat quarters of fabric I never thought I’d be able to use in a project.

If you’ve ever heard of Alexander Henry, he designs gorgeous fabrics. He mainly does Hawaiian prints and pin-up prints.

I found twelve fat quarters of Alexander Henry fabric and each fat quarter was one dollar!

Here are the names of the fabric I used and the number of fat quarters I had for that specific fabric:

Heavy Equipment – 1

Look of Love – 1 yard, only used for the pillowcase

Wranglers – 3

Ready for Action – 4 (I used one fat quarter for a separate pillow!)

All I Want for Christmas -3

Halloween Hunks – 1

Can you tell that I wasn’t going with the Hawaiian theme?

This was all about a week and a half ago. I leave California on the 17th, so I knew I was a little (okay, majorly!) pressed for time. So I set to work on sewing my project, and I’ll have you know I am ridiculously pleased with the results.

Here are some pictures of the college dorm bedspread I’ve made! (Along with a pillow and pillowcase!) It’s around the size of a twin XL.

This is the pillow I made (the Ready for Action firefighters, yum!) and the pillowcase is made from a yard of the also scrumptious Look of Love fabric!

Here are some pictures of the fun doodle-stitching I did!

This was a really, really fun project and I’m glad I was able to finish it before heading back to Evansville. I’m definitely going to have the sexiest bed on campus!

I hope you enjoyed it (I know I sure did!)

Have a good day!

P.S. When I move into my dorm (in less than two weeks!) I’ll be sure to take photos of how the quilt and pillows look on my bed!

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4 thoughts on “It’s Raining Men!

  1. What a big project to undertake so close to leaving home for school! Did you do it ticker tape style? Did you stitch down the cut outs through the top, batting and bottom layer? I’m eager to see in person!

    • I only stitched them down through the top. I didn’t cut any of the top fabric up, so it would have been a very thick project to have worked with. I sewed the men down and then pillowcase quilted it. I then went and stitched a few random words and scribble to keep the fabrics from shifting.

  2. Awesome job sis! I guess I better get working more on mine! lol On the words did you hand stitch those? I like the guy for Christmas~~~ lol See you soon!~

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