Until the Very End

For fourteen years I, along with every other Potterhead, have followed the life of Harry Potter with constant vigilance.

I’ve just now arrived home from the midnight premier of the last installment of the Harry Potter movies. I’ve got to type this out before I sleep so that I don’t forget some very nice thoughts I’ve got bouncing around in my head. Here they are:

Harry Potter was the book series that sparked my interest in reading. It took me to a place of magic, wonder, friendship, and it became very evident that it was a world that relied on love.

I’ve grown up with these characters and I’ve learned the most valuable of lessons from them. I’ve especially learned that you must stand up for yourself and what you believe in because there isn’t going to be some magic person who comes and does it for you.

On the subject of the movie. It was very well done if you push the book out of your mind while watching. You just miss so much detail and so much of Rowling’s masterful storytelling when you’re seeing the book compounded into about an hour and a half. There are so many death’s that aren’t done justice, so many relationships that are completely off.

If you have not yet read the Harry Potter series, I highly recommend that you invest some time in doing so. I understand that the ‘hype’ for most people may be over, but I envy those who have yet to discover Harry Potter. Picking up Harry Potter is like picking up a dear friend, I’ll always be able to rely upon him and his friends, but meeting them for the first time and experiencing things with them for the first time was truly extraordinary.

I feel that I must wrap this up and go to bed because tomorrow (well, later today!) I’ll be spending the majority of the day packing up my room since I leave for Evansville in about 33 days and I have to have my room packed even a few days more before then since I’m going on a camping trip with friends for a few days. Only a few days after I get back from the trip, I’ll be leaving for Evansville!

Wish me luck in my packing endeavors!

Before I forget, here are a few pictures from the premier!



My friend Noel dressed as Tonks!


Candice dressed as Mama Umbridge from A Very Potter Sequel


Tayla did not dress up, but I love her regardless!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a magical day!

Mischief Managed.

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2 thoughts on “Until the Very End

  1. I have always been a hot and cold Harry Potter fan. Read a few of the early books and half heartedly seen the movies. W went with UB & my mom to see the last movie and then begged me to take him again. I really enjoyed the ending and now I do feel like revisiting the books from the beginning with devoted attention. I have you to help me along the way. Thanks for sharing that the stories are so much more than kids who learn to be wizards.

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