Happy Birthday!

This week has held two birthdays in my family!

My mom’s birthday was on the 6th! We spent the morning at Glen Ivy which is the local spa. We then went out to the local Best Buy and bought her an iPad2. Needless to say she absolutely adores it!

Today, the 8th, is my brother Joey’s birthday! He’s turned 17 today and he really didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Regardless, I made him a few things! I stitched him a body pillow cover for his body pillow. Here it is.

I didn’t unfold it for the picture because I didn’t really do anything too special to make it! All I did was buy 2 yards of ‘Lumberjack flannel’ and sewed it into a pillowcase.

I also made him an absolutely delicious Strawberry Pizza!

Strawberry Pizza tastes and looks better than it sounds, I promise. Here are a couple of pictures.

Joey was pleasantly surprised with his pizza and I’ll most likely make it again for him before I leave the West Coast.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a good day!