My Birthday!

My birthday was on the 10th of this month!

Here are some pictures of my plunders! Although I didn’t steal anything, I just wanted to speak a bit of pirate!

These are my presents from Chelsea, best roomie ever!

And these are my gifts from Aubrie! One of my best nursing friends ever! She MADE me the most delicious Butterbeer Sandwich Cookies and she got me a snitch bracelet!

My friends know me so well! With all of the Jaws, Harry Potter, and AVPM themed items, I was basking in the delight of the attention from my friends!

I spent the day hanging out around the house and going to see Super 8.

It was rather amazing! If you get the chance, go see it!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a good day!

Dragonflies & Christmas

I’ve had a bit of free time in the past few days! I finished my Baby Got Back stitch and I got to start AND finish two small projects!

The first is a small Christmas card that reads ‘Peace on Earth’ and has a small dove!
The second is a hanging dragonfly piece! I apologize that the pictures are a bit light on this piece. I was trying to photograph it, but no matter what light I took pictures in, it was still very light. The piece is rather pretty in person though!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a good day!

M&L Spoils

Here on the West Coast, there is a fabric store called M&L. It is located on West Ball Road in Anaheim, CA. It is fairly far from my house (an hour drive!) so my mom and I go every once in a while, and when we go, boy do we shop!

The reason we make such a long trip is because the fabrics sold by M&L are fairly cheap! The cheapness is the reason we splurge a little… Or in my mom’s case, quite a bit!

My total was about 50 dollars, and my mom doubled it for her purchases!

Here are the fabrics I bought!

Yes, this IS Snow White fabric that reads ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ And other Snow White quotes.
Adorable pumpkin fabric!
A Rudolph story book panel that I will be turning into a door decoration!
Some lovely 90s-esque sweatshirt fabric that I hope to turn into a fashion piece.
Some lovely gauze like fabric that I also hope to turn into a fashion piece!
This is a fleece panel I bought to make into a tie blanket! I’ll post pictures of it once I’ve finished it, I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my spoils as much as I enjoyed spoiling myself!
Have a good day!