Hello all! My name is Kim and I'm the gal behind Geek Stitching. I'm originally from Southern California and now I'm a Southern Indiana girl. I have a lot of creativity and a lack of free time. Stay tuned to hear about the things I get up to. Chances are they are crafty or embarrassing! xoxo Kim

My Epic Stain Journey

Getting stains out of clothes (especially ones that I’ve knitted myself, and are extra important to me) is always a bit of a pain in the ass. I don’t know why exactly, but it is a big pet peeve of mine. Maybe it’s a OCD thing or I just don’t like losing my PRECIOUS clothes [...]

Heart Healthy February

Back in the beginning of December I read a bulletin at my hospital. The bulletin was calling for baby hats in red for all sizes of babies. The point behind the red hats was to promote a heart healthy diet from birth to death. I have worked on a cardiac telemetry (heart monitoring) unit for [...]

Teaching on a Jet Plane

I’m teeacchinnggg on a jet plane! I was also leaving on a jet plane! It was my unique experience this past trip from Ontario, CA to Phoenix, AZ this past winter break that a woman my age sat in the same row as me. She pulled out some yarn and a crochet hook and I [...]