My Epic Stain Journey

Do you see the stain?
Do you see the stain?

Getting stains out of clothes (especially ones that I’ve knitted myself, and are extra important to me) is always a bit of a pain in the ass. I don’t know why exactly, but it is a big pet peeve of mine. Maybe it’s a OCD thing or I just don’t like losing my PRECIOUS clothes to a stupid wine stain or grease stain. Whatever the reason, I’ve found that I can handle the situation in a few different ways.

The first way is I cry and complain about it, but then try to wash it out and throw it in the wash right away. Sometimes this works, especially if you catch it ahead of time and don’t let it set. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t, really depends on the cycle of the moon and the placement of the stars, or something like that. I once had a red wine stain get out with out a problem, and then once I had a lipstick stain that I couldn’t get out in 5 washes. I don’t really know.

When we were researching our next washer/dryer we took a deep dive into what effected stains and stain removal, and one of the key aspects we came across was time. It really does matter if you let a stain sit or not. This is why the concept of a “stain stick” for quick application has become popular (although the usefulness of this method is a bit dubious). Granted I haven’t had all that much experience and it does seem like we would want to have as much information as we can before making a decision but I still have a bleak outlook on how a redwine stain will take to a pen shape detergent applicator. Who knows really…

Also taking to the Internet to find some handly solutions is interested. I came across a few really good solutions from a site called Stain Diva… They a very neat “corn starch method” for removing grease stains. They also had some really interesting used for milk as a stain remover. Quirky, no? Really my favorite was the out and out war they went with on blood stains… (Also they had a solution for the aforementioned “lipstick” stain removing fiasco that had me so confounded.

So the Internet can be a big resource, and I definitely recommend trying to track down solutions before becoming frustrated. I know I had some revelations when I finally decided to do my own research. But whatever you conundrum, whatever your challenge, chances are you can solve it all by diving deep and seeing what can be done. Or you could just throw out the clothes and buy new ones. That’s always an option.

Thanks y’all! We hope you had a good, quick read here at Geekstitching.. We will be here all week! (No seriously, we have off this week). Also happy Fourth of July to all you pretty (fat) Americans (just kidding). Ok, I’m done being cute…

Btw, where we ended up getting out washing machine:

Heart Healthy February

Back in the beginning of December I read a bulletin at my hospital. The bulletin was calling for baby hats in red for all sizes of babies. The point behind the red hats was to promote a heart healthy diet from birth to death.

I have worked on a cardiac telemetry (heart monitoring) unit for over a year and this is an issue close to MY heart. Thus, I utilized my favorite yarn-related website Ravelry and started on some hats!


Heart Healthy right?

Teaching on a Jet Plane

Iā€™m teeacchinnggg on a jet plane! I was also leaving on a jet plane!

It was my unique experience this past trip from Ontario, CA to Phoenix, AZ this past winter break that a woman my age sat in the same row as me. She pulled out some yarn and a crochet hook and I asked her about her project. It just so happened that she was trying to teach herself how to crochet.

What were the odds that on a plane where you seat yourself and you are trying to learn to crochet, you sit next to a somewhat experienced hooker? It was more than coincidence if you ask me. I was able to successfully teach her how to single crochet a simple scarf! These are the pictures I received from her only a few days after the flight!

She is well on her way to being a happy hooker! šŸ™‚

She has periodically sent me more pictures of her fabulous hooking skills! I am so blessed to have been able to assist her in her crafting endeavors!